Still There, Still There​.​.​.​Gone

by Before the Blue

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released March 3, 2015

Todas las canciones compuestas por Óscar Salinas.
Han participado en el disco Carmina Suárez, Sergio Correa, Antonio Rodríguez, Anti Horrillo, Andrés Martín, Jerónimo Valdehita y Francisco Javiér Álvarez.
Masterizado por Antonio Horrillo.
Foto Portada: Alma Pérez
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Before the Blue Madrid, Spain

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Track Name: Wonder Eyes
I crossed my seas
To see lights
Those painted walls
In your eyes.
I dreamt of your voice
Fading out,
Those few years
Fading out.
I looked for you
In a smile
But I couldn´t find you
I was blind.
I took a hand
In my hands
A perfect lie
For a lier.

But the world will never know
What´s in my mind
And the world will never know
Why all this harm
...Wonder eyes.
Track Name: Three Years
Three years lying in bed
Avoiding the storm
Avoiding the holes.
Three years of pictures and walls
Close to the truth
Of somebody´s song,
Missing the sun in the eyes
Missing the noise
Enjoying the clouds,
Watching the days going by
Wasting their hours
Happy they´re gone.

Distance is breaking the nudes
Bringing some peace
Helping the cure,
Distance and thousands of pills
Are garantee
Of silence and joy.
Nobody ever comes to the room
It´s always closed
Far from their hands,
Someday she will wake up
Maybe she´ll smile
Maybe she won´t.
Track Name: The Door And The Hole
If there were another sand door
If there were another kind of hope
I guess we would not be in the same hole
I guess I would not be explaining what I feel.

If the clocks would never say the same hour
If the songs were heard by no-one
I guess I would not be just trying this
I guess I would not be just trying to sing this song.
Track Name: Clowns Street
Bend my voice
Bend my will
Make my world disappear
Burn this house
Burn these dreams
Until we know it´s for real.

Make my face turn old
Make all the clouds cry gold
And don´t forget
That I´ll still be there
At the end of clowns street.

Bend my rules
Bend my fears
Make of the world something real
Burn this songs
Burn this hopes
You know I´m not what I think.

Make my face turn old…
Track Name: Home
I´m tired of waiting
This can´t go on,
Forsaken to silence
Hidden behind doors.

Ohh let me go
´Cos I´m not coming back home
Ohh let me go
´Cos I´m not coming back home
I´m not coming back home

I´m sinking
I´m breathless
My body is a corpse,
I´m trying to hate you
But I hate myself more.

Ohh let me go
´Cos I´m not coming back home
Ohh let me go
´Cos I´m not coming back home
I´m not coming back home.
Track Name: Old Games
I´m starting again
To walk through yellow sad dreams
And I´ll never forget
The secrets I once knew.
I´m playing again
Old games everyone knows
But I´m losing again
And the prize is refuse

Ahh, I don´t wanna smile
I don´t wanna cry
I only wanna be with you

I´m dancing again
Under a sleeping moon
I´m trying to find
Reasons inside the shame.
I´m tired for climbing
High deserts mountains
I´m broken again
And this will never change.
Track Name: Still There
Oh I´m still breaking your hair,
Breaking the roads we walked one day.
Oh I´m still hiding from the world,
Hiding from words that can do harm.
And you´re still home
And you´re still warning (about)
All the rooms where I can´t pass,
And you´re still dressed up.

Oh i´m still asking the sun
Asking my hands why things went wrong.
Oh I´m still hanging on clouds,
Sliding away at every doubt.
This is my craze
This is my choice
Don´t care.
Track Name: A Cure
Show me a star
In which I can lie
Show me a way
To try to get some rest.

Show me to don´t care
About everybody else
To forgive my faults
´Cos I´m tired
I´m tired.

Show me a way
To enjoy and not feel guilty
Show me a way
To forget, forget the past.

Sell me some help
I don´t mind the price
Even if tomorrow gets worse,
You lie, you lie if you say this would cure at all,
You lie, you lie if you say this would cure me at all.
Track Name: Wan
You are the crash
I´m so dumb
You´re the fall
I´m so wan.
Slow lies, small hopes,
As there was no-one around.
Angels, nightmares,
All is turning around.

Oh, will you recall?
( I´m tired to say...)

You´re the star
I´m a big lie
You´re the drug
I´m so doped.
Homesick, drowned in the greatest sea
Damaged, tired of everything.
Track Name: Crazy Clocks
Please, let me cross the storm
Let me breath the air
That you keep in your soul.
Please stop these crazy clocks
They run fast when you´re close
Then they stop when you´re gone.

Sometimes I can´t stand the rain
Sometimes I cant´stand the pain
Sometimos I can´t stand the thought
That you´re far, that I´m lost.

Please, let me close the doors
Let me hear your voice
´Cos this dream has no sound.
Please, help me escape from all
The madness there´s around
Before it´s too late to even try it.